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Assessment & Performance


The Metropolitan School District of Steuben County believes that assessment is an integral part of a student's educational experience. The primary goal of assessment is to improve student learning.  Any one assessment is a limited source of information and must be used in conjunction with all other available information about a student.

To increase student achievement and create an environment that supports life long learning, educators, students, and parents must be involved in the assessment and evaluation process. 

When assessments are used and interpreted properly, the results provide information, that shows what students have learned at a given point in time and assessment data that can be used to help students learn more. 
For MSD of Steuben County Students and Parents…
Assessments help gauge individual progress to help build on strengths and address weaknesses.
For MSD of Steuben County Teachers…
Performance data and assessments provide information for instructional grouping, identification of instructional needs, determination of mastery, and evaluation of the effectiveness of instructional strategies.
For MSD of Steuben County Administrators…
Performance data and assessments provide information about program effectiveness, areas of curricular strength and weakness, and resource and staff development needs.
For MSD of Steuben County Stakeholders…
Performance data provides information about school and district effectiveness, accountability, and progress.
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