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Online Registration for Returning Students

We are using online registration forms! Gone are the days of stacks of papers to fill out at the beginning of the school year!

Am I for online registration forms?
  • If you are already able to log in to PowerSchool and see your student’s grades, you are ready! Just make sure you can see all of your students if you have more than one. Here’s a video explaining how to add a student to your existing account

  • If you can’t already log into PowerSchool to see your student’s grades, you need to set up an account. Please see the attached letter explaining how to set up an account at You can find a video to help you with this process at

Online Registration will open approximately two weeks before school begins each August. To complete the forms:

1. Log in at  
2. Choose your student (multiple students in your family will appear across the top)
3. Choose Forms in the menu on the left side
4. Choose the Enrollment tab at the top of the Forms page
5. Choose the first form to get started, and complete all the forms.
6. Repeat this process for any other student by choosing that student at the top of the page.
    • District Office

      MSD of Steuben County
      400 South Martha St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-2854
      Fax: 260-665-9155
      Dr. Matthew Widenhoefer, Superintendent
      Ann Rice, Assistant Superintendent
      Dr. Brandon Penrod, Business Manager
      Dr. Schauna Relue, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
      Chantell Manahan, Director of Technology

      High School

      Angola High School
      350 S. John McBride Ave.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-2186
      Athletics: 260-665-3780
      Fax: 260-665-7012
      Mr. Travis Heavin, Principal
      Mrs. Nancy Irwin, Asst. Principal
      Mr. Steve Lantz, Asst. Prin./Ath. Director
      Mrs. Mary Moore-Bowers, Dir. of Guidance

      Educational Opportunity Center
      403 S. Martha St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-1360
      Fax: 260-668-7928
      Mr. Gary Puckett, Principal

      Middle School

      Angola Middle School
      1350 East Maumee St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-9581
      Fax: 260-665-9583
      Mr. Ryan Bounds, Principal
      Mr. Ryan Stellhorn, Asst. Prin./Ath. Director
    • Elementary Schools

      Carlin Park Elementary
      800 N Williams St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-2014
      Fax: 260-665-7053
      Mr. John Curtis, Principal

      Hendry Park Elementary
      805 South Washington St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-3215
      Fax: 260-665-5584
      Mrs. Rosie Brandt, Principal

      Pleasant Lake Elementary
      P.O. Box 69
      1205 W. Main St.
      Pleasant Lake, IN  46779

      Tel: 260-475-5055
      Fax:  260-475-5673
      Mrs. Val Priller, Principal

      Ryan Park Elementary
      1000 South John McBride Ave.
      Angola, IN  46703

      Tel: 260-668-8873
      Fax:  260-668-8823
      Mrs. Amy Heavin, Principal


      If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a student being bullied in the MSD Steuben County Schools please click the link below:

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