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Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

MSD of Steuben County is a member of the Northeast Indiana School Insurance Consortium. The insurance carrier for the Consortium is United Healthcare. An employee may choose a family or single health coverage policy from the 4 options on the attached Benefit Plan Option page. As of 8/1/19 we will now have open enrollment for Health, Dental and Vision Benefits. To qualify for insurance, you will have to work 30 hours or more per week. To change insurance throughout the year, you must have a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) qualifiying event.  Examples of these events are:

  1. Change in Marital Status
  2. Birth or Adoption of a Child
  3. A Loss of Coverage by Spouse
  4. Death of Covered Dependents
  5. Expiration of Cobra Coverage

MSD pays $6500 of the cost of a single health plan and $13,000 of the cost of a family health  plan. To see the employee share of costs for each health plan view the attached Insurance Rates page.

Delta Dental is the company offering dental coverage. You can either have a single dental plan or a family dental plan. The annual cost of a single dental plan is currently $402.60   MSD pays $264.00 of this plan.   The annual cost of a family dental plan is currently $1,151.64. MSD pays $450.00 of this plan.
Employees may purchase vision insurance at their own cost through VSP. Current annual cost for vision plans are $107.76 for single coverage and $297.36 for family coverage.
Insurance deductions are made equally over 24 pays.   
The only way an employee can completely drop any type of coverage outside the Open Enrollment Period is if they do NOT section 125 their premiums.

You may be able to stay on MSD’s insurance plan after leaving MSD depending on the circumstances surrounding your departure.
Retirement: When you retire at the end of a school year you will remain on insurance until September 30 of the year you retire. That is because your pay runs through August.   (You will receive a lump sum payout at the end of June for TRF/PERF purposes, but we withhold 3 months of insurance payments from that last check.) After September 30 you may stay on MSD’s insurance until you reach the age of 65 providing you have 20 years of public service (10 consecutive), and you have 15 years of PERF/TRF eligibility but you will pay the full premium.   MSD does not contribute anything after August 31. Your insurance coverage will stop the month you reach age 65 because you are then eligible for Medicare. If your spouse has not yet reached age 65 also, he/she may remain on the insurance until they reach age 65.

Resignation/Termination: If you resign or are terminated you will receive insurance until the last day of the month in which you left. At that time you will be offered COBRA through the insurance consortium at your cost.   You may carry COBRA for 18 months.

Long Term Disability: If you become eligible for long term disability, you will remain on MSD’s insurance for 6 months and MSD will pick up the employer share of your premiums. After that you may choose to stay on the insurance but it will be at full cost to you.   MSD will no longer contribute to your insurance. 
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