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Life and Long Term Disability Insurance

MSD of Steuben County provides Life and Long Term Disability insurance for qualified employees.   All certified staff are covered.   Beginning August 1, 2010 non-certified employees must work a minimum of 35 hours per week for 220 days per year or work 260 days per year to be eligible to receive this benefit. 
Life Insurance - $50,000 for certified employees and $45,000 for non-certified employees at an annual cost of $0.12 (twelve cents) to the employee. An employee may also purchase additional Supplemental Life insurance at any time through Madison National Life at their own expense. A medical questionnaire may be required if purchasing after 31 days of employment.  Contact Brigelle Strang at EXT 1200 for application forms.
Long Term Disability - provided at an annual cost of $0.12 (twelve cents) to the employee.   60 calendar day elimination period. LTD then pays 2/3’s of the employee’s salary. MSD will continue to pay the employer share of health and dental insurance for 6 months. If disability continues beyond this time, the employee must pay the entire health and dental insurance premiums. Must come to Business Office to apply for Long Term Disability.
Click here for Madison National Life website.
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