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Curriculum Design

The Metropolitan School District of Steuben County, in partnership of the Board, staff, parents, and community, provides all learners with challenging, engaging, and innovative educational experiences that insire them to be tomorrow's leaders.

The District stakeholders believe that all students learn differently and can excel. It is the responsibility of the schools to help each student experience multiple opportunities to find success in a safe and positive learning environment.

Student Development

All individuals are responsible for improving the quality of life for self and others. The District realizes that the family is the student’s first teacher and that all stakeholders have a role in how children develope and learn.  The school staff will support and extend the student’s development by providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment, which will enhance confidence and contribute to the student’s success.

Our elementary, middle, and high schools provide comprehensive high quality curriculum that supports individual excellence, creativity, and continuous growth and high achievement for all students.

Customized Curriculum

The design of the Metropolitan School District of Steuben County Curriculum and MAPS content is aligned with the Indiana State College and Career Ready Standards for English and Mathematics and Indiana Content Standards for  Science and Social Studies. Curriculum is locally designed by “highly qualified” teachers and aligned with assessment practices, research-based programs, resources, and differentiated instruction.   Complete curriculum guides are available upon request through Google Share by emailing the MSD Steuben County Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

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