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    Area Information

    Steuben County contains a unique set of characteristics, which may not be found in other areas of Indiana. Four major factors influence the county: a resort atmosphere, Tri-State University, recent industrial growth, and an agricultural heritage.

    Steuben County is the home of 101 lakes, which provides summer and winter recreational opportunities. Pokagon State Park, which features Lake James, the Potawatomi Inn, and a winter toboggan slide is also located in Steuben County.

    Tri-State University provides academic, sporting, and cultural opportunities for the residents of the county. Tri-State facilities and faculty are a resource for Angola High School teachers and students.

    Area History

    Industrial growth in Steuben County in the last ten years has been termed “phenomenal.” Over 50 new manufacturing companies have located in Steuben County since 1983. Factors that contribute to the increase in the number of manufacturing jobs in Steuben include a proximity to the Indiana Toll Road (I-80/90) and I-69, local and regional marketing, and an environment that may be less costly compared to neighboring states.

    An agricultural heritage is still an important influence in Steuben County. Although only three percent of the population earns an income through farming, many students live in rural areas of the county and participate in a variety of agricultural classes and programs at Angola High School.

    Our Neighbors

    Angola is located in the northeastern corner of Indiana, Steuben County borders both the Michigan and Ohio state lines and is just a few hours away from Detroit (160 mi.), Cleveland (180 mi.), Indianapolis (160mi.), and Chicago (180mi.) Lake James, the second largest natural lake in the state, is located only five miles from the city. Interstate I-69 is accessible slightly west of Angola, while the Indiana Toll Road access is directly north of the city. Ohio borders Steuben County on the east, and Michigan borders the county on the north. Neighboring school systems include Prairie Heights, Hamilton, and Fremont Community Schools.

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