AMS Art Class
Tech Team
A group of male and female teachers and admins pose for a picture
A gloved hand holding a syringe of yellow liquid
A rainbow of colored pencils at the bottom of a sky blue page with one white cloud
Summer School
Announcement with a picture of the new ClassLink login portal
A teacher stands in front of a classroom display, helping three seated students
Chromebook with the Chrome Logo and the acer brand name on the cover
Students and staff stand gathered at a horshoe table
School Smiles Flyer
This is a screenshot of a video where a female teacher sits in front of a class of students with  students raising their hands
Elementary Career Fair
Cartoon Animals in tree
Kindergarten Round-Up
Dr. Widenhoefer stands with three members of the Angola Area Chamber of Commerce with a big presentation check
Tom Caswell
Deputy Bill Lanoue
Close up view of a snowflake